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Student-athlete spotlight – Ardmore valedictorian, soccer team captain Madison Chavez gives 110% – Presented by RibCrib

Ardmore senior Madison Chavez challenges herself to give “110%” on all fronts.

It’s paid off for her so far; Chavez captains the Ardmore soccer team, is part of National Honor Society, works part-time at Papa’s Pizzeria and will be a class of 2023 valedictorian.

“I want to be the best I can in all areas of my life, so I strive to give it all,” Chavez said. “In saying that, a lot of time is required for each area. I try to remember to always be where I am supposed to be on time or early, to embrace the thought that I can and do make a difference in where I am and help [and] encourage others around me.”

Ardmore girls soccer coach Alyssa Emery called Chavez, the team’s leading scorer, an “excellent player and student” with a “heart of gold.”

“She works hard every game and practice to not only make herself better, but also for the benefit of her team,” Emery said. “She is always in the right place at the right time and finishes just about any chance she has to score.”

Chavez began playing soccer in the first grade and quickly became infatuated with the game.

The sport informed her “never quit” mentality.

“Soccer is competition and life is the same,” Chavez said. “Through the years I have played, it has taught me to work hard, listen to others, take instruction and know that if I do my best, I will be proud of myself.”

Chavez, who plans to continue her soccer career at Mid-America Christian University while pursuing a career in health care, said her education has unlocked doors that would otherwise be unavailable.

“I want to learn all I can so I can have the opportunity to choose my life path,” Chavez said. “I am very proud to walk alongside my classmates, knowing I excelled and, hopefully, helped some along the way.”

She hopes her teammates will remember her “positive, light-hearted, determined, loyal” style of leadership.

“I believe getting involved in sports gives you a first-hand opportunity to learn how to work with different people, different styles, and compromise,” Chavez said. “It helps you understand that there will be times at your job, life, family, etc. that you will need to use drive, desire and teamwork to succeed. Practicing these skills for so long gives me an advantage in the real world to do just that.”

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